“Dalot” is not good enough in big games.

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Manchester United legend Paul Scholes reveals he is not a fan of Portuguese right-back Diogo Dalot. Scholes questioned the Red Devils’ right-back position. Now there are Dalot and Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

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Manchester United legend Paul Scholes doubts Diogo Dalot has the strong mindset to handle the pressure of a big game.

“I’m not sure Dalot is good enough at right-back when he has to. Compete in the big game

“I’m not sure his personality is enough to handle playing in important games.

“In terms of defense, Aaron Wan-Bissaka can do it without any problems.

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes admits he’s not a fan of Diogo Dalot.

Scholes has questioned whether the fullback is good enough for what United need.

He told the Webby and O’Neill YouTube channel: “I’m not sure if the right-back’s good enough, Dalot, when it comes to the big games.

“I’m not sure his character is big enough to handle the big games.”

But Scholes added: “[Aaron] Wan-Bissaka can do it defensively not a problem.

“Going forward. he has improved, don’t get me wrong. I just think the balance of the team has been a little bit wrong.”

“But don’t get me wrong. His offensive game has improved. I just think the balance of the team is a bit off.”