‘Beckham’ points out that the “Man Utd” must be stable

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David Beckham, the legendary England midfielder, thinks that Manchester United needs to return to stability like it was in the era of Sir Alex Ferguson. The ‘Red Devils’ have changed many coaches since Ferguson retired. In 2013, Eric Ten Hag’s future was uncertain. Beckham gave an interview to Sportstar saying:

David Beckham believes Jim Ratcliffe needs to bring stability back to Manchester United.

The former England captain remains a dedicated follower of the club and has often voiced concerns about its ownership, believes that managerial stability is key to positive change.

“I’m a Manchester fan. The real United who wants only good things for our club And I just want to see us get back to the top again.

“But such things need to start from the top. It has to start with the team owner.

“We talked about the changes that should happen. I’ve always said that Manchester United need change

“When Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, there was a period when that performance dropped. You can’t stay at the top forever.

“But we were still at the top for many years. Because of the stability of having someone like Sir Alex Ferguson as the manager of the team.

“Now in the last 10 years we have had many managers. Which is a very bad thing. Because the stability that we had with Sir Alex Ferguson no longer exists. That was shown in the way we played.”