The media revealed the possibility of Ronaldo joining Sporting Lisbon 

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The media revealed the possibility of Ronaldo joining Sporting Lisbon. Before the transfer window closes.

The UFABET correspondent Darmesh Sheth has revealed the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Sporting Lisbon. As from the Premier League this summer. After news of the club’s retirement from the club has come out continuously since the opening of the transfer market.

The Portuguese striker return to the club earlier. This week and has in discussions over his future with the board. Erik ten Hag while reports from Theatle have report. Tiktok that as a result of being reject by many clubs to join the team. Agent Jorge Mendes has contacted Sporting Lisbon to find a way for his clients.

However, Sheth believes that although Ronaldo and the Portuguese team have a deep connection as the first club to give him the opportunity to play professional football. But it is likely to be difficult to return to football with their former team again due to many problems.

“It is difficult to do. That they I spoke to some sources. Who are quite close to Sporting and he said it looked especially difficult to do that. in terms of money and their managers.”

“The first thing their managers have to do is keep their key players in the squad and having a player like Cristiano Ronaldo join the team could be a big deal. impact on team building Because right now he’s trying to do that.”

“So although reports have emerge. That his agent is trying to investigate the possibility of a move to Lisbon, in reality it is very difficult,” said