Odegaard reveals proud wear armband Arsenal’s new captain

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Odegaard reveals he is proud to wear the armband of Arsenal’s new captain.

Arsenal playmaker Martin Odegaard has revealed. He was deeply move After Mikel Arteta was entrusted with being name the new captain for the game. With Sevilla on Saturday evening. According to reports from UFABET England.

Previously, the team’s leadership position on the field went to Pierre-Emerick-Aubameyang. Then when refer to as Barcelona in January. The armband went to Alexandre Lacazette and was vacant again. After his contract expired in June.

Mikel Arteta has recently appointed Martin Odegaard as the new team captain on a permanent basis. and referred to a great start in the game that Arsenal defeated Sevilla overwhelmingly with a score of 6-0 after the game, referred to as saying that

“Yeah, it’s a really bad start, it’s been great. Of course big moment. I’m really proud captain of such amazing club. Yes, this is a big day. hair”

“Of course I feel happy, proud and overwhelm with the trust and desire for me to Mikel Arteta’s captain. Which is a great achievement for me and a good thing to be. Part of such a strong team It makes me very happy,” Odegaard said.

Odegaard, 23, joined Arsenal from Real Madrid in January 2021 on loan. Before showing such impressive form that “Cannons” decide to buy outright in August of the same year for 35 million euros.