Nunez fires from the box as Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-1

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Nunez fires from the box as Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-1 in Community Shield 2022/23.

Liverpool won the charity trophy this season with a 3-1 win over Manchester City thanks to Trent Alexander Arnold’s 21st-minute goal. Mo Salah’s 83rd-minute penalty. and Darwin Nunez in the 90th minute + 4, the Blues got one goal from Julian Alvarez in the 70th minute.

Started the first half as Salah had the opportunity to end first. But the ball went into the window from the 3rd minute.

In the 7th minute, Manchester City had some chances from De Bruyne’s shot. The ball deflected into the window as well.

In the 21st minute, the Reds took the lead from a distant shot outside the box. Alexander Arnold bowed the ball to wipe the post into the goal.

In the 24th minute, De Bruyne slips into the penalty area. But the shot fell out of the frame, unfortunately.

In the 34th minute, Haaland finished with the left in the penalty area. but also to Adrian’s safe

After that, both sides couldn’t do more to finish the first 45 minutes, with Liverpool leading 1-0.

Starting the second half, Mahrez has a chance to finish from the first minute. But once again, Adrian was able to defend it.

In the 64th minute, Nunez had a chance to win from a single drop. but also to the save of Ederson who came out to close the corner in time

In the 70th minute, City equalized to 1-1. Succeeding from moment Foden fired to save Adrian and Alvarez repeatedly.

In the 82nd minute, Liverpool got a penalty from the moment Ruben Dias made a handball in the box. It was Salah who didn’t miss it, leading the Reds 2-1.

In the 86th minute, Nunez has a chance hit box in the penalty area. But the ball fell out of the box only one stick

In stoppage time, Liverpool came in for the third goal from the moment Robertson’s strike continued for Nunez to head straight to close the box.

But then, at the last minute, Haaland got the chance again, but shot over the bar in an unbelievable way.

Complete 90 minutes, Liverpool defeated Manchester City 3-1 to win the 2022/23 Community Shield.