Haaland Fails Player Rating Liverpool – Manchester City Game

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Haaland Fails Player Rating Liverpool – Manchester City Game Community Shield 2022/23

Player ratings from both teams.


Adrian – 6
has a lot of force to save the team. But rhythm of the goal responsible grabbing the ball. Plus, today the rhythm of the ball with feet is not good enough.

Virgil van Dijk – 7
Hard work in the first half. Especially against Kevin De Bruyne. But then start to do better. There is a beautiful rhythm that helps the team many times.

Joel Matip – 6
strokes, good tackle. But there seems to problem dealing with the mobility of the offensive line. Manchester City makes the position a little loose today.

Andy Robertson – 7
had several high attacking opportunities. Plus, got a beautiful chance to finish the score, but still didn’t do well enough. Both direct hits and long shots. But he was the one who made the header for Núñez to fire off the box in stoppage time.

Trent Alexander Arnold – 7
had several chances to open the ball deep from starboard. Which is enough to have some children who have a chance But the important thing is to shoot from a distance for the team to take the lead from the 21st minute.

Fabinho – 7
He hits quite aggressively. Keep clearing the game in the middle. And keep the rhythm when the team plays the offensive game

Jordan Henderson – 7
coordinates right-back with Salah and Trent quite well. had the opportunity to take the ball to the penalty area many times

Thiago Alcantara – 7
involve in the game both offensively and defensively. Waiting for the ball to connect the game in the middle of the field. Plus chasing the game from the opponent’s territory.

Luis Diaz – 6
will play a role in the attacking game. But today to too lacking in many strokes. It should still take some time to knock on the rust.

Mo Salah – 8
Remains hopeful in the front line on goals and passes. Along with creating troubling for Manchester City’s defensive line as well. When going with the ball.

Roberto Firmino – 6
came down to help connect the game with low ball. But role in the box still very little today’s game.

Manchester City

Ederson – 6
with some nice saves to help the team. The 3 goals conceded, can call the best. But today rhythm of the ball to not very accurate.

Ruben Diaz – 6
recovered from injury and returned to the starting XI. Today, there will be some nice rhythms to tackle, but unfortunately to handball until the team loses a penalty in the second half.

Nathan Ake – 6
Uses strength to tackle. But there are some problems in dealing with counter-attacks and the positioning seems loose enough.

Joao Cancelo – 6
plays a decent role both offensively and defensively. Today, the unique skills and abilities are quite outstanding. But today quite a problem dealing with Salah.

Kyle Walker – The defensive 7
was quite outstanding. Can deal with Diaz quite a punch. Use speed and strength to help the team well.

Rodri – 6
keeps the tempo of the midfield game Keep connecting the game from back to front. But the defensive game is quite problematic in dealing with counter-attacking games.

Ruben Diaz – 6
creative in front Try to get the ball into a dangerous area. But still not doing as well as it should.

Kevin De Bruyne – 7
remained a key player in City’s attacking game, playing a huge role in the first half. There were a couple of chances to finish it, but it wasn’t sharp enough.

Jack Grealish – The six
roles in the attacking game on the left are not very prominent. have played with some ball But still can not create fear for the Liverpool defender as much as they should.

Riyad Mahrez – 5
dazzling with the ball There were many chances to bring the ball into the penalty area early in the game. But the last moment is still not good enough.

Erling Haaland – 5
disappointing performances Both participation must be said to be very small. Plus, when given the opportunity, it’s still not good enough. Especially the repetitive rhythm helps at the end of the game that hits the beam unbelievably. Plus, today, moving to find a channel still requires a lot of time to tune in with the team.