What is the Lao lottery? Why do you play a lot?

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What is the Lao lottery? Why do you play a lot?

 What is the Lao lottery? Why do you play a lot? In addition to the lottery With the underground lottery of Thailand, Laos lottery is consider another type of lottery. That is very popular among lottery fans almost all over the country. Because in addition to being release every week It’s still easy to buy, just ordering lottery tickets online. But what is Laos lottery. Why do they play a lot? So how does it play? How much do you pay? Let’s have a look in UFABET.

What is Lao Lottery?

If having a chance to discuss Laos lottery with Lao people, he will call this lottery or the official name. Which this lottery is operate by. Lottery for the development of the Ministry of Finance as well as our home lottery division that takes care of the government lottery. The difference is that our home lottery has 6 digits. While the Laos lottery has 4 digits. In addition the Lao lottery is also very cheap. Which is sold for 1,000 kip each, or about 4 Thai baht. That’s all.

Assuming that the Lao lottery for this draw is 6965, the prize can be divided as follows.

  • The top 3 prizes are the last 3 numbers, here it is 965. If we buy 965, we will get 750 times the reward.
  • Prize 3 Toad is the last 3 digits, same as the top 3. But can switch positions. In this case, regardless of whether. We buy 956, 596, 569, 659, 695, it’s a win as well. Only get 120 times the prize money.
  • The top 2 digits of the prize are the last 2 digits, here it is 65, the payout is 90 times the capital.
  • The prize for the bottom 2 numbers is 2 front numbers, the payout rate is equal to the top 2 numbers, which is 90 times as well.
  • The top running number is to buy only one number. And if the purchase number exists in the 3 digit prize, any position is consider a winner. with a payout rate of 3 times
  • The bottom running number is to buy the same number. But it’s a chance to see if the number we buy will be in the next two numbers or not. If it is in any position. We will receive 4 times the prize money.

For the payout rate may adjust according to the dealer. Some of them may have a matter of discounts involved as well. It may cause different payments.