How to play dummy

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How to play dummy.

After knowing the basic rules. Let’s see how the dummy plays at UFABET First of all, let one player deal cards. by looking at how many players in the card circle to deal cards according to the following numbers

  • If there 2 players 11 cards dealt each.
  • there 3 players 9 cards dealt each.
  • If there 4 players 7 cards dealt each.

When all the cards dealt. You can enter the playing process.

Starting from the first player Look at the head card to see if it can occur with the card in the hand or not. If you can, you can pick them up and put them on the table in front of you. Then choose to discard 1 card instead of the card that was pick up.

But if the head leaves that are used can not be born must draw a card from the draw pile and if the card that was drawn cannot be used again You can choose to discard the card instead of the drawn card or discard the card that has just been drawn.

Next , the second player See if the cards that have discard in the middle. Can reused or not. If available pick up the suit and place. It on the table in front of yourself and discard 1 card instead of the card. That was pick up.

But if you look and see that in the middle there is no card. That can use at all then go get a card from the draw pile If possible. You can choose to place the cards on the table in front of your lap. Or you can keep it in your hand first. But no matter what you choose to do whether. It can happen or not. There must 1 card discard instead of the card that was pick up anyway.

For the rest of the players Keep doing the same. The game ends only. When one player has only one card left. Turn that card face down on the table. It will deem that that player is knock out and is the winner of that game.

How do dummy pay?

For dummy payouts are different from card games in online casino Generally, the pay rate is quite clear and fixed. That is, after the players have already knocked. The remaining people will have to count the points. To find out the payout rate for the winner May determine. That the person who gets the most points loses the least. The person who got the lower score also loses a bit more. As for the person who gets the least points, they pay the most as well. Which here depends on how the circle of cards is set