Get less but get sure with the Baccarat Grind formula

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Get less but get sure with the Baccarat Grind formula

What is Baccarat Grind Formula?

In fact, no one knows for sure if it’s actually the Grind recipe. What it is, where it came from. Who thought it. Just know that it has around since 1965. Is still use to this day. The rules for using the grid formula are as follows.

  1. Bets count as rounds. And to finish the round only 1 unit of profit is require. For example, if we bet in the first turn 1 unit. Win 1 unit of profit (equal to 1 unit), This is consider the end of the round. On the contrary, if we bet 2 units. We win 1 times the profit. old It means that we have a profit of 2 units. This is consider not the end of the round.
  2. In the next round we will increase the bet by 1 unit only if we win this round. But before placing bets, we also need to see if we win. Will the profit be more than 1 unit or not. If it exceeds, there is no need to add more units.
  3. But if you lose The next round. We bet equal to the losing round.

How to use Baccarat Grind money walk formula?

Read the rules of Baccarat money walk formula. This one might have some confusion, so I would like to give an example of using the Baccarat Grind formula for you to see at UFABET.

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Suppose that 1 unit is equal to 10 baht.

  • 1st turn starts the 1st round, bet 1 unit, the result is a loss, now we have lost 1 unit. Next turn we have to bet 1 unit.
  • 2nd turn, we are still in Round 1, bet 1 unit and still lose. Now we have lost 2 units, next turn we will bet 1 unit as usual according to Rule 3.
  • 3rd eye, we still bet 1 unit because we can’t close the round and still lose continuously. But this time we won, we got 1 unit of profit, so now we have lost 1 unit, so next round we will bet 1 unit more according to Rule 2.
  • 4th turn, we bet 2 units, the result is a loss, it turns out that we have accumulated a loss of 3 units, next round we will bet equal to this turn according to Rule 3.
  • 5th turn, we bet 2 units, this turn we win, return 2 units, loss 1 unit. In the next betting round we will not add more units. Because if we win, it will give us a profit of 2 units (place 3 wins 3 profit minus 1 loss left 2 profit) which will not close the round accordingly. Baccarat Grind Money Walk Formula
  • 6th turn, we still bet 2 units, and heaven is in our hearts to win. It means that this time. We have 2 units of profit back. Minus 1 unit of accumulate loss, and there will 1 unit of profit left. As a rule, if any turn that has 1 unit of profit can close the round. Therefore, it is consider that our 1st round ends in the 6th turn.
  • The 7th eye starts counting again. and start betting on 1 unit same as eye 1

At this point, one might have thought, why in the 6th turn, do not bet more than 2 units? Because if we win, we will get more profit. Looking at the surface, it might be good. But the heart of the Baccarat Grind formula is that each round must profit only 1 unit. Not placing more bets for a profit that is more than 1 unit, because he already thought that if we lost, we would have to place bets equal to the original amount of the last round. If you can’t imagine I’ll give you an example.

  • 6th turn, we break the rule by placing a bet of 3 units (instead of 2) in order to offset the original loss of 1 unit and add 2 units of our profit if we win. But the result is a loss, which means that now we have a cumulative loss of 4 units and the next round will have to bet 3 units according to Rule 3.
  • 7th turn bet 3 units result is lost again. Now we have a cumulative loss of 7 units, next round we have to bet 3 units again.
  • 8th turn, bet 3 units, still won’t win. The situation is now starting to escalate. Because we have accumulated losses of up to 10 units.
  • In the 9th turn, we still have to bet 3 units as usual according to the rules. Good luck this turn wins, 3 units of profit, minus the accumulated losses of 10 units. We still have a loss of 7 units, and as a rule, in the next round we have to wager 1 more unit. 2
  • On the 10th turn, we bet 4 units and come back to lose. Became even worse. Accumulate loss up to 11 units

Have you seen why we have to strictly follow the rules? Because if the result is the opposite It will only cause harm to us. It’s very easy to lose. It wouldn’t be wrong.