Dummy card game, how to play to win

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Dummy card game, how to play to win.

Dummy card game, how to play to win The fun of live casinos. I think is that we get to play with real players through online casinos. without having to risk going to play at the casino And now he has many forms of card gambling games to open as well, especially dummy. The king of card games that many people are very familiar with. For those who are not familiar with or have only heard of the name Today I have a way to play dummy for you. But there is something you need to know. Let’s go see it UFABET.

discarding dummy cards

whether online casino Or in the casino there will be a way to discard the cards as well. In which each discarded card will affect our points as follows.

  • Discard the head. Suppose someone discards a card with no more than 2 numbers in the same suit. Or that it is the same number of the head. It is call discarding. “The body” will deduct immediately. 50 points if allowing other people to collect the head in that round, the voucher can be born.
  • Discarding dummy cards, discarding will occur only when discarding cards that have already been born, for example, someone was born with a 7 first and then we accidentally discarded a 7, which is the last card. It is call discarding dummy card. It will deduct immediately. 50 points.
  • Full Discard is where a player discards a card so that it can combine the suit with the other two cards in the middle. For example, if there are 6and 8 in the pot, and the player discards 7. It will deduct. Go out 50 points as well.
  • Dumping is different from Dumping in that it can occur from 3 events

Conditions for deduction of points

In addition to deducting points from discarding cards. There are also other conditions. That can cause players to deduct more than usual mainly.

  • Discard and Discard full will deduct immediately 100 points. For example, Player 1 places and in the discard pile there are 6 and 7 but Player 4 discards 5. It’s a dump and a full dump.
  • Discard Pi-head and Discard-pipe. 100 points also deduct. For example, the header is 10, the first player discards J and the third player put. In this round, the player The first person will deduct 100 points.
  • In addition to collecting one-eye cards. Can result in more than one player being deduct at the same time. for example In the discard pile, there are cards the 4th player discard. The 2nd person discards the 3rd J, collects them to form a set in that round. Causing the 4th and 2nd people to broken each. 50 points, the base of discarding Pepeto.